Sep. 20, 2018

Thirudan Police Malayalam Full Movie Free Download

Thirudan Police Malayalam Full Movie Free Download ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

A constable seeks revenge for the murder of his father.

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original title: Thirudan Police

genge: Action,Comedy,Drama,Romance

imdb: 7.2

duration: 2h 16min

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A constable seeks revenge for the murder of his father. Viswa (Dinesh) is a good for nothing guy who lives in a police colony and is son of an honest constable (Rajesh). It follows the conflict between a disciplinarian father and his wayward son. One day the constable dies in line of duty and the son gets his father's job. The rest of the story is how Viswa becomes from a reluctant cop to a disciplined guy, who takes revenge against those who murdered his father. Good film!I thought this film would be a full comedy,but its a mix with emotions,and has very good messages too.Good direction,dialouges,acting. My rating for Direction is 10/10,good direction.Characters know what to do in every scene. Dialouges:9/10,funny yet good dialouges,but some dialouges aren't necessary,such as the dialouges said during comedy scenes. Screenplay:7/10,good screenplay,but in many parts the storyline gets out of place,but it does catch up quickly. Cinematography:7/10,good for this movie. Total all in all:7/10 A Very different type of a climax,i did not expect a climax like this,i thought this kind of a storyline would not lead to such a climax,but very good,as there is less hassle.Sentiments and emotions of every single character is shown clearly.The whole scene is not too comical and yet not too serious.In the end of the film,a good message is conveyed with a sentimental ending,and very different and nice end credits too. All in all,i enjoyed the movie,anyone can,as long as you like funny movies. awesome movie with correct mixture of comedy and sentiment, background score and songs are very good.

In fact, Thirudan Police has two narratives packed into one. It's a revenge drama – Dinesh's one-man hunt to find his father's murderers and his realization about his relationship with his father, which happens only posthumously. And, both the stories weave seamlessly into the narrative Yuvan Shankar Raja's background score has propelled the first half and Praveen KL's editing is a huge strength, though he could have used the scissors more effectively to get rid of the needless romance track.


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